Review of January Meeting

At the meeting held on Monday 28th January we had 2 guest speakers, Rosanna Burnley who is the New Hospital link worker at the Halton Carers Centre and also Lisa Horrocks GP Link Worker, both coming to talk about their roles and how they can help carers when visiting a hospital or GP.

Rosannas role is to raise awareness of carers in Halton, Warrington & Whiston hospitals and helping the hospitals in Identifying carers, she is hoping to be based at the hospitals one day per month. At the moment she is working alongside the Discharge team. We gave her examples of problems HALDS members have had with hospital appointments, these being when the appointments are running late and your cared for becomes agitated, this has resulted in one member having to go home without being seen by doctor. Another point raised was appointments for carers to fit in with pick up and drop off times of their cared for and the implications when appointments run late. It was also mentioned about future hospital buildings having a family room, where if your cared is admitted you can stay with them in your own room together. This happened to a member in the Liverpool Womans she was able to stay with her mum in a suite with their own beds, bathroom and kitchen and it was payed for by a charity. Obviously this is a growing role for Rosana and I will keep you posted on the updates. She is also willing to listen to any of your stories and can be contacted on 01928 580182 or if anyone is ever willing to go along to meetings with her and tell your experiences of hospital appointments or staying in, Rosanna is more than willing for you to go along with her

Lisa recapped on an earlier HALDS meeting she has been too, firstly make sure your doctor knows you are a carer to put on your records, or if you and your cared for are at the same surgery, have you both linked together. Every surgery has a Carers Champion to help carers, if you have any problems with your doctors please do not hesitate to contact Lisa on 01928 580182

At our meeting on Monday 29th April we will be holding our AGM at 11am. This year all the posts are up for proposal, as per the constitution we only hold posts for 2 years, if you would like to propose anyone for any of the roles please let me know. Our Treasurer has resigned, so we are looking for a new treasurer. We will also be setting up a new committee which meets quarterly to discuss speakers for meetings, events etc.

In the future at every HALDS meeting Yvonne from Halton Speak Out is going to be coming along to answer any questions over lunch, she is available for private discussions also, this will be before the meeting starts at 1pm . Halton Speak Out offer all support for your cared for and how to make their life fulfilling.

At our next meeting on Monday 28th February, Irene from Healthwatch (used to be the Link) is coming along to talk to us about the changes to the NHS.

Did you enjoy the meeting? If you have comments, please leave them below.

Pam Roberts