Feedback from LINK Fact or Fiction Information Workshop (8th March)

Halton Podiatry Services were discussed they provide Nail surgery (removal of part or whole of toenail) Diabetic foot care, Care of wounds on the foot, Routine foot care for medium and high risk patients including corns, callouses and nail care, Insoles/Orthotics for leg/foot pain, knee pain and/or walking problems (including children) and Healthcare Advice/Self-care foot advice.

You can self-refer, or be referred via your GP or other health professional e.g. physiotherapist, occupational therapist or school nurse. Urgent and emergency cases are seen within a three day period at dedicated clinics (Hallwood and Widnes Health Care Resources Centre. All other referrals vary (depending on demand) but average wait is currently 6 weeks for triage and 4 weeks for nail surgery. Referrals for General care are triaged clinically. Medical and clinical need will determine treatment interval (e.g. 6, 8, 12 weeks between treatments)

They also discussed Complaints & Compliment procedure, I have hands outs if required

Chooser & Book and Choice – an overview – Choose and book is a national service that combines electronic booking and a choice of place, date and time for first outpatient appointments. It revolutionises our current booking system, with patients able to choose their initial hospital appointment and book it on the spot in the surgery or later on the phone or via the internet at a time that is more convenient to them, you can choose where, date and time, however you DO NOT have the right to claim taxi fares or order an ambulance if you choose a hospital in Cornwall or Newcastle.

As an NHS patient you have the LEGAL right under the NHS Constitution to be seen at a hospital/clinic of your choice, anywhere in the NHS. This also includes many private hospitals and providers who participate in the scheme.



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