Additional News Items

Update on Damian – Damian is no longer at the Disability Welfare Rights in Runcorn, he was offered a paid job in Huyton (Runcorn was only voluntary) At the Runcorn office there is still Bill and Terry who are able to help you if you need assistance in completing any forms.

Webb Ivory Catalogue – I have requested some Christmas gift catalogues where we will receive 25% on all sales, I will bring along to the next meeting.

Monthly raffle – In place of the football car we are now holding a raffle at each monthly meeting to help raise funds for the group, for Junes meeting we raised a total of £23, many thanks for your support.

Autism Spectrum Condition – Attention Card – To help someone with Autism Spectrum Condition explain themselves you can now apply for an Attention Card for Police and Emergency Services, if you would like more details or apply for a card please contact ChAPS on 01928 722384.

Please keep an eye on the Dates for your Diary page (link above) for updated information on HALDS events and activities.


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