Yvonne Smallman – Halton Speak Out

Yvonne Smallman from Halton Speak Out now comes along to meetings each month to advise updates on Halton Speak Out and also to advise on any issues you may have and if required one to one meetings with yourself.

At June’s meeting Yvonne gave an update on the Safe in Town Scheme, the 6 month pilot is now finished, though Safeguarding Adults Board and Safeguarding children in Halton Executive Group both fully support the continuation and extension of the scheme, with this in mind at the moment Halton Speak Out are in the process of getting funding to extend the Safe in Town Scheme, Yvonne will give us updates at the meeting  on the progress of the funding.

Yvonne also advised about the Drop in Clinics at  Halton – CCG group are planning to extend the health services in Widnes Walk-In centre and to provide a Walk-in Centre and Clinical Decision Unit at Halton Hospital.  This is designed to relieve the pressure on A & E units at Whiston and Warringon Hospitals, They are looking to having x-ray facilities, doctors & consultants on hand. Questionaire forms where given out at the meeting about the walk-in clinics for your views.  Yvonne is also sending me this form on line, which I will send out to members on line.  Please complete either manually or on-line and return direct to Halton Clinical Commissiong Group.

Yvonne also informed us about a scheme she is in ‘Bright Sparks’ and it involves taking out younger people with disabilities to shops etc.  to see accessibility, politeness of staff, whether there is a lift, they give marks out of 10 if the shop is eligible they are given a ‘kite mark’ to display in the window, therefore other people with disabilities know the shop is accessible for them.


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