Additional News Items

Tesco funding – I am sorry to advise that we were refused funding from Tesco Charity Trust Awards Scheme Project.

Mencap Local Campaigns – Mencap have a number of campaigns on-going at the moment both National and Local, please see below:

• Abuse within care homes with CCG – looking at long stay hospitals
• Breaking point – more respite & short breaks for carers
• Budget Cuts
• Changing places – There are only 500 disabled toilets within England that have facilities for disabled people i.e. hoists, changing beds etc. to find out where these are situated please visit This would enable people who need these facilities plan where they stay for holidays or just day trips out. Mencap are campaigning for more of these facilities.
• Stay up late campaign
• Hate crime

Better Together – Your health service your say – There is a meeting on Tuesday 20th August in the council chambers in Runcorn Town Hall at 4.30pm refreshments, presentation and workshop will run from 5 – 6.30, I will be attending, but if you would like to join me please book your place with Faye Gilston on 01928 593479, they want to hear your views and ideas about how urgent care services are being provided across the borough. Local doctors have worked together to design urgent care centres that will bring some of the Accident and Emergency services closer to where you live (drop in centres)

Panone Solicitors – In the past we have invited Hugh Jones from Panone to come along to our meetings to talk to us about wills and trusts etc. Hugh now has his own company Hugh Jones Solicitors. I will be inviting Hugh to come along to one of our meetings next year to give us an update.

Carers Strategy Meetings – I attend a Carers strategy meeting on a quarterly basis, where items are discussed to make life better for carers, some of the items that came up at the last meeting is that Doctors are now identifying carers in the surgeries and the aim is for carers in the future to have Annual Health checks, another committee meeting has just been set up, it’s a sub lit meeting for carers of Adults with Learning Disabilities, at the meeting held this week some of the things that came up where Listening to what carers want, your package of care reviewed on an annual basis, find out what works well, they want to set up a Carers Action Plan, which will increase the amount of people getting assessed, find out the impact of the welfare reforms, get more feedback from carers to allow changes, their hope is for services to be improved quickly if voices are heard. The relevant information will be getting sent out to me and the carers who attended the meeting and the plan is to have series of small groups who can get together to discuss the options available.

Walton Lea Partnership – Walton Lea Walled Garden, Chester Road, Warrington – They are a local charity that provides supported employment for adults with learning disabilities. Visit their shop, garden centre, walled garden and farmers market Tel: 01925 860143

FASD support group (Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder – I would like to draw your attention to a new support group which is getting up and running in the North West area, it’s for children who have birth defects caused by brain or nerve damage during development in the womb from alcohol passing into the babys bloodstream FASD is sometimes misdiagnosed as autism or ADHD. If you would like more information please contact – Tel: 1608 811599

Christmas Market Place – We will be holding our annual Christmas Marketplace instead of the November meeting, HALDS will be having a tombola stall, if you could please start bringing any items for the stall from September it would be appreciated.

I think this is all for now, it is enough for you all to be getting on with and to keep you busy during the summer months, I would like to wish you all a good summer holiday and hope the sun keeps shining and see you all at Septembers meeting.
Committee members please note there will be a committee meeting prior to Septembers meeting at 11am




Review of July Meeting

We had 2 guest speakers at July’s meeting, Sister Jane Hodgson from Tower House practice at St Pauls Health Centre who came along to talk to us about annual health checks etc for your cared for and for carers and Irene Bramwell from Healthwatch who has come along to update us on the changes that have took place within the NHS & CCG etc.

Jane advised that your cared for should be sent for an health check on a yearly basis, if not, you need to phone your doctors to arrange yourself, all GPs get funding for Adults with Learning Disabilities health checks, at some practices these are carried out by a doctor and a nurse, but in Tower House, these are carried out by the nurse only. The health checks now include blood tests before the actual health check this is to rule out amnenia, thyroid, diabetes etc. at the check blood pressure is taken, weight etc.

There is also now a carers health check in place, please let your doctor know you are a carer, and cross reference your details with your cared for if in the same practice. You will then have regular health checks, flu jabs, pneumonia jabs for over 65 or younger if you have an underlying health problem.

Whilst on the subject of GPs if you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact Lisa the GP link worker at the Halton Carers Carer on 01928 580182 who will contact the surgery on your behalf, this applied to both Runcorn and Widnes surgeries.

As mentioned earlier in the year, Adults with Downs who are over 40 are now also having dementia base tests, the ideas is if they give the dementia tests every 3 years this will start showing any decline and enable medication to be given early on if there are signs of dementia.

NB – Please ensure that you and your cared for have their annual health checks

Irene Bramwell came along to update us on the Healthwatch Halton, they feed into Healthwatch England who in turn then feed into the CCG. Healthwatch Halton is your local consumer voice for health and social care.

Healthwatch Halton enter and view any publicly funded building, i.e. Hospitals, Dentists, Doctors, Carer Homes, Pharmacies etc. they carry out 2 visits per year, 1 arranged and 1 surprise, in care homes, they listen to the experiences of the residents, their families, speak with staff and managers.

Healthwatch Halton want to know any problems you have with any NHS CCG group, i.e. doctors, hospitals etc., they are looking at the on-going problem of doctors’ appointments, change of supplier of incontinence pads, they need to know about goods services as well as bad, they need all feedback to see what’s working and what’s not.

If you have any problems with any NHS CCG service please do not hesitate to contact Healthwatch Halton on 0300 777 who will sign post you for the relevant help.