Review of July Meeting

We had 2 guest speakers at July’s meeting, Sister Jane Hodgson from Tower House practice at St Pauls Health Centre who came along to talk to us about annual health checks etc for your cared for and for carers and Irene Bramwell from Healthwatch who has come along to update us on the changes that have took place within the NHS & CCG etc.

Jane advised that your cared for should be sent for an health check on a yearly basis, if not, you need to phone your doctors to arrange yourself, all GPs get funding for Adults with Learning Disabilities health checks, at some practices these are carried out by a doctor and a nurse, but in Tower House, these are carried out by the nurse only. The health checks now include blood tests before the actual health check this is to rule out amnenia, thyroid, diabetes etc. at the check blood pressure is taken, weight etc.

There is also now a carers health check in place, please let your doctor know you are a carer, and cross reference your details with your cared for if in the same practice. You will then have regular health checks, flu jabs, pneumonia jabs for over 65 or younger if you have an underlying health problem.

Whilst on the subject of GPs if you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact Lisa the GP link worker at the Halton Carers Carer on 01928 580182 who will contact the surgery on your behalf, this applied to both Runcorn and Widnes surgeries.

As mentioned earlier in the year, Adults with Downs who are over 40 are now also having dementia base tests, the ideas is if they give the dementia tests every 3 years this will start showing any decline and enable medication to be given early on if there are signs of dementia.

NB – Please ensure that you and your cared for have their annual health checks

Irene Bramwell came along to update us on the Healthwatch Halton, they feed into Healthwatch England who in turn then feed into the CCG. Healthwatch Halton is your local consumer voice for health and social care.

Healthwatch Halton enter and view any publicly funded building, i.e. Hospitals, Dentists, Doctors, Carer Homes, Pharmacies etc. they carry out 2 visits per year, 1 arranged and 1 surprise, in care homes, they listen to the experiences of the residents, their families, speak with staff and managers.

Healthwatch Halton want to know any problems you have with any NHS CCG group, i.e. doctors, hospitals etc., they are looking at the on-going problem of doctors’ appointments, change of supplier of incontinence pads, they need to know about goods services as well as bad, they need all feedback to see what’s working and what’s not.

If you have any problems with any NHS CCG service please do not hesitate to contact Healthwatch Halton on 0300 777 who will sign post you for the relevant help.




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