Additional News (October)

Funding – I have applied for BIG lottery Awards for All funding, for funding towards social activities, I will update you as and when I hear from them. I also applied for core funding from Lloyds TSB but they do not fund this type of costings. I have also approached Halton Borough Council for further funding to cover us for core costs for the next couple of months, this has been agreed and invoice has been raised, just now waiting for money in our bank. I have also applied for core funding for the next 12 months from The Trusthouse Charitable Foundation, it looks promising, I have received a reply saying it’s being sent to their trustees for consideration, finger crossed!! I will keep looking out for different companies who will let us have funding for core costs.

Christmas Market Place Monday 25th November 11.00am – We will be holding our annual Christmas Marketplace in place of the November meeting, HALDS will be having a tombola stall, if you could please let me have any items for HALDS tombola stall before the event, it would be appreciated. At the event we have invited stalls selling jewellery, scarves, make up, sweets, Coach House crafts from Halton Day services will be selling gifts and much more. I have also contacted Chestnut Lodge School to see if the children would like to come along and sing for us again.

Please feel free to invite friends to the Christmas Market Place, buffet lunch will be served for HALDS members and their guest at 11amish.

I am also looking for volunteers to man the tombola stall and sell raffle tickets.

Webb Ivory Catalogue – I have been giving out catalogues, please show round your family and friends, HALDS will receive 25% on all sales

Petition on web re: Government Policy on Disability Living allowance:Stop the change to indefinite claim. There is a petition on the web Can you please sign it and also let other people know about this petition.

Free debt help on your doorstep – CAP (Christians again Poverty) can help you with any debts you may have, regardless of age, faith, gender or background. CAP visits people in their own homes, negotiates with creditors and supports people right up until they are debt free. On top of this, the whole service is free of charge and available to all. In the UK there are 233 CAP debt centres and two of these are in Halton, and is recommended by TVs money saving expert, Martin Lewis. To find out more call Christians against poverty freephone number 0800 328 0006 or visit

HDAAC group – Halton Disability advice and appeals centre, Old Police Station, Runcorn – This group is now back up and running again and you can now start to go back to them for any advice on benefits etc.

Import Changes to how your doctors handle your personal data – Are you aware that your personal medical information that you share with your GP or other healthcare professional is about to be extracted and stored on a computer outside of the control of your practice where the practice will have no say on who has access to that information. Please contact your doctors if you need further details, as each practice will have their own way of dealing with this change.

Carers Strategy Meeting – I went along to the Strategy meeting last week and Halton Borough Council want to start consulting with carers of what they want, instead of someone sitting behind a computer making decisions in our local borough for us.
Therefore there is to be a focus group for 10—15 carers on November 18th at 11am at Vine Street, Widnes, where we will sit with Jenny James from HBC Customer Intelligence unit and develop a programme of activities where carers, working with health and social care professionals will shape the future of services in Halton. If you are interested in coming along to this meeting please let me know, at present we have 8 HALDS members who have put their names down.


Report from October Meeting

I am sorry but I was not at the October meeting, but hopefully you where all looked after by Bill and Liz. Many thanks for all members who mucked in to help at the meeting.

I would like to say a big thank you for the lovely flowers and card which was given to me from you all, it helped in my recovery a lot to know people care.

At the October meeting Liz Gladwin came along from Halton Borough Council to talk to us about your cared for and their housing.

Report from Halton Peoples Health Forum – Urgent Care Event

Halton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
Halton Peoples Health Forum
‘Urgent Care Event’
Tel 01928 593479

Over the past couple of months at the HALDS meeting we have been discussing changes to the drop in clinic in Widnes and the minor injuries in Halton. A lot of you have completed questionnaires about these changes which had to be in by end August, asking your views on the above services.

I attended an event on 20th August to discuss changes to the urgent care, the proposed model for future urgent care provision for Halton would be:

o Upgrade services in Widnes walk in Centre
o Create identical walk in centre in Runcorn
o Develop a Clinical Decision Unit at Halton Hospital
o Upgrade the intermediate care unit at Halton General Hospital

The facilities which will be in both new units will be:

o Doctor supervised service
o Minor Illness clinics
o Minor injury clinics
o Paediatric nurse specialist
o X-ray
o Ultrasound
o Redressing
o Blood tests

The Clinical Decision Unit is a specialised unit that doctors can send their patients to, for urgent investigations and the opinion of a senior doctor. The facilities at this unit would be:

Urgent clinics
Quick start warfarin clinic
Senior doctor opinion

What is Intermediate Care? – Care provided for patients who are not well enough to stay at home, but not ill enough to need an acute hospital bed

The opening times for the new units will be 7/8am to 11/12midnight – these are yet to be decided. There will also be pharmacies for your medication.

The ambulance services have a kite mark services, i.e. chest pains will be transferred direct to A & E as with also urgent medical cases.

These proposals will be coming into effect this winter, to stop queues at the hospital A & E departments.

I will keep you updated on these changes as they happen



Additional News Items (September)

Christmas Market Place Monday 25th November 11.30am – We will be holding our annual Christmas Marketplace in place of the November meeting, HALDS will be having a tombola stall, if you could please start bringing any items for HALDS tombola stall it would be appreciated. At the event we will be inviting stalls selling jewellery, scarves, make up, sweets, Coach House crafts from Halton Day services will be selling gifts and much more

Webb Ivory Catalogue – I have been giving out catalogues, please show round your family and friends, HALDS will receive 25% on all sales

Fire Station visit – For those members who came along to the Runcorn Fire Station and the shambles of a visit that green watch gave us, I complained to the fire station and I have been assured by Sean Henshaw the station manager that if we would like to arrange another visit they will be well prepared for us and to book via himself

Hospital Appointments – In January this year we had Rossanna Burnley from Halton Carers Centre come to give us a talk on her new role as hospital link worker for carers. HALDS members talked about the problems they have when taking their cared for for hospital appointments and the stress this can cause if appointments run late. Rossanna has advised that she has spoken to PALS and if have an appointment with your cared for, for any of the local hospitals i.e. Halton, Warrrington, Whiston or St Helens if you telephone the PALS department they will help to ensure your appointment runs smoothly.

PALS stands for Patient Advice and Liaison Services – It is available to assist with any concerns you may have with the healthcare you are receiving and can help resolve problems or provide independent advice

Warrington & Halton PALS – (01925) 275 512 or e.mail:
Whiston & St Helens PALS – Whiston – (0151) 430 1144
St Helens – (01744) 646465

Review of September Meeting

At the September meeting we had British Red Cross come along to talk to us about first aid, it was very interesting and informative and a good time was had by all who attended

Prior to the September meeting we held a committee meeting to organise future speakers, social events etc. hopefully you will all enjoy what is being arranged for you.

On the agenda was funding, our funding is starting to run low for social events and also we have now run out of funding for core costs (running costs) I have approached Lloyds TSB and am waiting for them to contact me. I am also applying for our final funding from the BIG lottery, it was decided in future to charge half cost for any events, HALDS will pay half of any costs and members will have to pay the other. Also we will be having fund raising events and also will carry on with the raffle at the monthly meetings.

To cut down on costs, if you can receive your newsletter via e-mail please let me know, as to print and post the newsletters costs on average is £35 per month for printer cartridges and postage.



HALDS in Yours Magazine

After our meeting with Derek Twigg in early July, I contacted Yours magazine (which is fortnightly magazine which has a Carers section) and asked them to advice other carers of Adults with Learning Disabilities if they are having problems with their cared for, being re-assessed for job seekers allowance to contact their local MPs to take to Parliament, as the more MPs that bring this up the more we may have a case.

I was shocked this week, when reading the magazine to find my article had gone in the mag, it was a condensed form of what I had written (as many of you know, I can prattle on a bit). It was under the ‘star’ letter.

Pam Star Letter