Report from Halton Peoples Health Forum – Urgent Care Event

Halton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
Halton Peoples Health Forum
‘Urgent Care Event’
Tel 01928 593479

Over the past couple of months at the HALDS meeting we have been discussing changes to the drop in clinic in Widnes and the minor injuries in Halton. A lot of you have completed questionnaires about these changes which had to be in by end August, asking your views on the above services.

I attended an event on 20th August to discuss changes to the urgent care, the proposed model for future urgent care provision for Halton would be:

o Upgrade services in Widnes walk in Centre
o Create identical walk in centre in Runcorn
o Develop a Clinical Decision Unit at Halton Hospital
o Upgrade the intermediate care unit at Halton General Hospital

The facilities which will be in both new units will be:

o Doctor supervised service
o Minor Illness clinics
o Minor injury clinics
o Paediatric nurse specialist
o X-ray
o Ultrasound
o Redressing
o Blood tests

The Clinical Decision Unit is a specialised unit that doctors can send their patients to, for urgent investigations and the opinion of a senior doctor. The facilities at this unit would be:

Urgent clinics
Quick start warfarin clinic
Senior doctor opinion

What is Intermediate Care? – Care provided for patients who are not well enough to stay at home, but not ill enough to need an acute hospital bed

The opening times for the new units will be 7/8am to 11/12midnight – these are yet to be decided. There will also be pharmacies for your medication.

The ambulance services have a kite mark services, i.e. chest pains will be transferred direct to A & E as with also urgent medical cases.

These proposals will be coming into effect this winter, to stop queues at the hospital A & E departments.

I will keep you updated on these changes as they happen




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