Review of September Meeting

At the September meeting we had British Red Cross come along to talk to us about first aid, it was very interesting and informative and a good time was had by all who attended

Prior to the September meeting we held a committee meeting to organise future speakers, social events etc. hopefully you will all enjoy what is being arranged for you.

On the agenda was funding, our funding is starting to run low for social events and also we have now run out of funding for core costs (running costs) I have approached Lloyds TSB and am waiting for them to contact me. I am also applying for our final funding from the BIG lottery, it was decided in future to charge half cost for any events, HALDS will pay half of any costs and members will have to pay the other. Also we will be having fund raising events and also will carry on with the raffle at the monthly meetings.

To cut down on costs, if you can receive your newsletter via e-mail please let me know, as to print and post the newsletters costs on average is £35 per month for printer cartridges and postage.




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