HALDS Review of 2013

By the time you will read this, Christmas will be over, your purse will be empty and you will be making New Year resolutions, make sure one of them is to come along to HALDS as the members who participate in the meetings, events and outings all have a good time (or so they tell me). It will also give you a break from your caring role and you will meet new friends, all who can empathise with your caring role. Please also in 2014 arrange to have your carer assessment with Halton Borough Council, Number to ring is (0151) 511 7676.

2013 has been a good year for HALDS we started with our fund raiser in January where we raised £504 towards our funding. In February we went along to the Trigger Pond for lunch, March saw us having our 3rd birthday party at the Beechwood Centre. During April, 51 of us went along to the Bond Hotel in Blackpool for a weekend away. May took us to the Brindley Theatre to watch 7 brides for 7 brothers. July took us into Liverpool for lunch then onto to a bus tour of Liverpool, where the weather was on our side and we had glorious sunny day, also in July we had a trip to Runcorn Fire Station. September took us to the Black Country Museum at Dudley. November we held our Christmas Market Place which was well attended and December we had our Christmas meal out at the Chinese Delight in Frodsham and also 53 of us went back to the Bond Hotel for their Turkey and Tinsel weekend. Pheww!!!!! We have been busy.

As you can see above we had a good year for social events and hopefully 2014 will continue on this note. We have plenty planned for 2014, pending all our paperwork meets their requirements (I cannot see why we will not) we have been awarded £2,400 from the BIG lottery fund for carers breaks this year. These will include theatre trip, lunches, hire of swimming pool for pool party, trip to Monkey forest etc.

There will be a committee meeting on Monday 27th January at 11am for the committee members where we will arrange dates etc for the above outings, all will be revealed in the January newsletter.

Also in 2013 we had plenty of speakers, all to do with your caring role and hopefully the planned speakers for 2014 will be just as informative to you all. Members who do not attend meetings miss out on what the speakers have to tell us, as I cannot always explain in detail in the newsletter. So if possible come along to the meetings which are always held the last Monday of the month (unless it’s a bank holiday, where the meeting is brought forward a week)

I have a CD disc of photographs taken at the Bond Hotel at the Turkey and Tinsel weekend, if you would like a copy please let me know, cost will be £2

A number of members won free trips to return to the Bond Hotel in March and some won £20 off vouchers. If you would like to attend another weekend away, I have provisionally booked for Friday 21st March, cost is £145 per person which includes Dinner, bed and breakfast and all entertainment of an evening, theme is 80s weekend. The cost will be less than £145, (does not include coach, this is extra) some have free vouchers, not everyone who won the free vouchers will be attending this weekend, so they have given me the vouchers to take off the final price, making it cheaper for everyone. If you have a free voucher and would like to attend on 21st March , you need to let me have the voucher towards your cost, or if you have any vouchers and are not attending, would you let me have your vouchers towards other members costs. Hope this makes sense, Please let me know if you are interested in coming away on 21st March.


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