Additional News from December

Health team – January is the time of year when we start thinking of dieting and keeping fit, especially after over indulging over the xmas period. By the time our meeting takes place on 27th January, all your xmas goodies should be finished with, so come along and hear how you can take up healthy eating once again, and get back on track

HALDS 4th birthday bash – Fri 28th Feb 2014 –- Tickets are now on sale for our birthday bash, please contact me if you would like tickets for the event, all tickets are £3, please invite along your friends and family, all will be welcome. Please bring your own buffet for your own table, entertainment will be AJ Disco. This is also a fund raising evening so we will be holding a raffle during the evening, if you have any raffle prizes please bring to our January meeting. (or ask at your local hairdressers, restaurants, garages, shops etc for vouchers for prizes)

During November a few members and myself held a meeting with Jenny and Craig from Customer Intelligence Unit of Halton Borough Council where we discussed topics that would support carers and how improvements could be made. These include Direct Payments, Funding for groups, Performance Monitoring, Provision of information/consistency, Service Provision and Health Services/Public service. The outcome report is going to the Partnership Board in January, where it will be fed back to me to advice you all on the outcome. The report is too lengthy to put in the newsletter, but I will have copies for you at the January meeting.

Meal out Monday 10th Feb – We will be having lunch at the Ring O Bell in Farnworth, Widnes on Monday 10th February at 12 noon, courtesy of Halton Carers Centre, Carl has asked me to arrange a meal and the carers centre will pay for it, this is because a number of ALD carers are unable to access carer centre trips out.

Free Debt help on your doorstep – Christians against poverty (CAP) visits people in their own homes, negotiates with creditors and supports people right up until they are debt free. The whole service is free of charge and available to anyone regardless of age, faith, gender or background. For further information tel free number 0800 328 0006. I will have information sheets at the January meeting. I know someone who has asked for their help and now is all sorted without any hassle or bother. It’s a well organised service with friendly staff.

New service for Adults with Learning Disabilities in Halton – Halton Health Improvement Team has set up a new Weight Management programme for Adults with Learning disabilities, the weekly session includes exercise, cooking demonstrations and interactive education, for further details contact David King or Cheryl Rose¬-Couthard at Halton Health Improvement Team on 0300 300 0103 (option 1)

Changes to Benefits – PIP has now been rolled out in some parts of the country, everyone who gets DLA now will get a letter about PIP in plenty of time before they have to make the change – I have easy read hand outs, which I will bring along to the January meeting.

Warm Home Discount – You could be entitled to £135 to warm home discount off your electricity bill for having a vulnerable person in your household. All service providers are different, so please therefore contact your electricity supplier and ask about their warm home discount scheme. Do not put this off as for some providers you have to claim before end January

NHS Carer at the Chemist – On 31st March we have Bertha coming to talk to us about changes to Chemists and how they can provide help and advice on all kinds of medicines-related problems and health issues. The local NHS operates a minor ailments scheme that you can access via your local community pharmacy. The scheme does not stop you seeing your GP in the normal way, under the scheme you can see your local chemist for a private consultation, usually without an appointment for a wide range of ailments. If you don ‘t pay for prescriptions then any medications the Chemist prescribes will be free of charge – Remember to ask for NHS Care at the Chemist – I have some information sheets to give out at the January Meeting, but Bertha will be able to give more advice about this scheme.

Council Tax Reduction – Are you aware that anyone caring for someone with a disability who is not a spouse, partner or child under 18, could be discarded on the council tax, so the person with the disability is not counted, the carer is not counted, so if this only leaves 1 other adult in the household you may be able to get single person discount of 25%. Also if your house has been adapted for the person with a disability you can drop down a bracket on the scale. I.e. an extra room, an extra bathroom. If you think that you could be entitled to disablement reduction, you should complete the – Council Tax – Disablement form which you can get from your local Halton Direct Link One Stop Shop

Autism Spectrum Condition – Attention Card – To help someone with Autism Spectrum Condition explain themselves you can now apply for an Attention Card for Police and Emergency Services, if you would like more details or apply for a card please contact ChAPS on 01928 722384

Halton Carers Centres – Are you registered with Halton Carers Centre? When you are registered at the carers centre you can benefit from Holistic therapies, i.e. Podiatry appointments with Stuart or a manicure, pedicure, massage etc with Emma. You will receive a quarterly newsletter advising of carer break trips out to various venues. You can access Carer Break Funding for which I can carry out your referral. Please contact me if you would like further information of what the carers centre has to offer you as a carer.


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