Review of February Meeting

We held our first meeting on Monday at our new venue in Runcorn, The Acorn Centre, Laburnum Grove, Runcorn.  All went well with both meeting room and refreshments.  We had are most attended meeting, 38 members came all together.

Our guest speaker this month was Andrea Holland from Halton Borough Council Direct Payments team, who told us about Self-Direct Support and how it is a way for people who are eligible for funding from adult social care to get the support they need.  The contact telephone number is 0303 333 4300 where you need to speak to the Initial Assessment Team, you will be allocated a social worker and your services will then be assessed. If you would like more information Andrea gave me leaflets about the service and I also have a folder which tells you all about Direct Payments.  If your cared for does not get direct payments at the moment, it is worth phoning, as this will help with getting your cared for out and about and will give you a well earned break yourself.


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