May Newsletter

We did not have a speaker at Mays meeting, which was held on Monday 19th May due to bank holiday being the last Monday of the month. We had a general catch up over lunch and then our AGM was held at 1.30pm

I reminded the members at the meeting what was available for carers at the Halton Carers Centre, this included the following:

• Information & Support
• Therapies (free pedicures, manicures, facials & massages
• Podiatry
• Day trips
• Counselling
• Carer Break funding (up to £250) not means tested
• Training (first aid/caring with confidence courses)
• Coffee groups
• Halton Leisure Card
• And much more

NB – I am able to forward referrals for HALDS members for Carer Break funding to the Carers Centre, if you would like me to do your referral please let me know

Carers Assessment with Halton Borough Council – If you have not had your carers assessment for over 12 months, please contact Halton Social Services on 0151 511 7676 you should be having these on an annual basis, they will help with direct payments etc.

Have you told your doctor you are a carer? If not, please do so, as it helps getting appointments etc, they will also cross reference you with your cared for, If at the same practice. If you ever have any problems getting appointments at your doctors, please contact Lisa Horrocks the GP Link Worker at Halton Carers Centre 01928 580182.

Have any of your contact details changed? If so, please let me know.

Funding – I have applied for £600 from John Moores for running costs for the group for the next 12 months

Voting for Engage Mutual funding – I am sorry to advise that we did not receive enough votes from the public to enable us to be awarded funding from Engage Mutual. I would like to thank Pat Wright for thinking of us and putting us forward for this award and thank you to the members who voted and asking their friends and family to vote for us.

Trentham Gardens Monkey Forest/Gardens – Saturday 14th June –
Pick ups are 9am at Widnes Stobart Stadium and then 9.10 at Runcorn Old Town Buss Station, please be on time, as lateness causes delays to other members. We will head to Trentham Gardens Monkey Forest, were I will give you your tickets to browse at your leisure, you will be given 3 tickets for Monkey Forest, boat down to Trentham gardens and entrance into the Gardens, leaving time from Trentham Gardens will be 5pm. Lunch is not provided.

Lion King, Empire Theatre, Thursday 19th June – We have 3 minibuses down to this event: Bus 1 will be leaving Beechwood Pub at 6pm, Bus 2 Runcorn Old Town Bus Station at 6pm, Bus 3 will be leaving Runcorn Old Town Bus station at 5.45 then picking up from Widnes Stobart Stadium at 5.50pm
Coming home you will be dropped off at your home.

Meeting Monday 30th June – Please try and come along to this event, I have surprises in store which I am sure you will all enjoy and leave the meeting feeling uplifted and in good spirits.

Monday 22nd September – Bowling and lunch in Widnes, £5 charge will include your bowling and lunch. Money to be paid by 30th Junes meeting – No transport is included in this trip, please meet at Widnes Bowling at 10.45.

AGM – Our AGM was well attended, we did not appoint new officers as these were elected last year and as per our constitution the posts are held for a period of 2 years. I did mention at the AGM that I am finding the secretary role getting too much as the group grows, and I proposed at the next year we split the secretary into 2, a HALDS secretary and a Social Secretary, if anyone would like more details as to what these roles entail, please contact me, or if you would like to start helping with any of the roles it would be appreciated. Even if you are unsure, I will coach you every step of the way.

To make life easier for me, if you are attending any trips, I will give dates for any monies to be paid, it is your responsibility to ensure you have paid, if payments are not received by the given date, tickets/bookings will not be purchased for you or your tickets will be given to other members.

Meeting 21st July – We are now holding a meeting on Monday 21st July at 12.30 for lunch as normal, this meeting will be with the manager of Community Transport. To explain further, you used to be able to block book transport for your cared for if they were attending college or work, but this service no longer seems to be available. Last year a number of HALDS members attended a meeting with Halton Borough Council to discuss issues and transport came up as a big issue, as we have to run our cared for everywhere. Steve Eastwood has arranged this meeting for us to air our views!!! This meeting is open to any carer of an Adult with Learning Disability, not just HALDS members, so if you know anyone who this could affect please invite them along. If you would like more details, please contact me.

Meeting Wed 23rd June 10am – Steve Eastwood is also inviting along carers of Adults with a Learning Disability to a meeting at Runcorn Town Hall. This meeting will be with HBC and CCG (Clinical Carer Commission, who took over the NHS) they want to know the best way to get advice and information to carers and would like your voice in this matter. If you would be interested in attending please let me know and I will pass your name to Steve Eastwood.

At the AGM we appointed a new committee and we met this week to discuss future social events and speakers at meetings. These will be:

Coronation Street Tour – Saturday evening 26th July – Cost £5 for HALDS members and their cared for and £16.50 for non members. Coach will be leaving Runcorn Old Town bus station at 5.50pm and Widnes Stobart Stadium at 6pm. Our tour times are 7.40 and 7.50. Tour takes approx 1.5 hours, so we will be leaving for home 10pmish.
If you would like to attend please let me know asap, as I need to confirm booking with the studio. Monies required 30th June meeting.

Monday 1st December – Trip to Dobies and Toby Carvery – Cost will be £5 for HALDS members – Pick up times will be Runcorn Old Town Bus Station 9.45 and Widnes Stobart Stadium 9.50. As our trip last month, we will head down to Dobies and then onto Toby Carvery for a carvery. We will be leaving to come home at 2pm

Anderton Boat Lift Xmas cruise – Saturday 13th December – Cost £5 for HALDS members and their cared. Non members £7.50 plus cost of meal at pub. Coach will be leaving Widnes Stobart Stadium at 12.10 and Runcorn Old Town Bus station at 12.20. We are booked on the 1.30 cruise which lasts about 1 hour. Their will be xmas carols and presents for our cared for. Afterwards we will going to a pub for a meal – Again if you would like to attend this event, which is limited to 53 people – please let me know asap to enable me to confirm booking with the boat company. Monies required by 29th September meeting.

HALDS Christmas Party – Friday 19th December – We will be holding a xmas party at Mencap Acorn Centre, Laburnum Grove, Runcorn (were we have our meetings) there will be no cost, but you do need a ticket for admission, as we are limited to 80 people, so this is just for HALDS members and their cared fors. Please bring along your own food and drink (alcohol permitted).

Suggestions for meetings include Update on Care Bill/new SEN, speaker about domiciliary care/Independent living, Pamper session. I will look into these and let you know dates in the next newsletter.

Suggestions for future social events were Bourne Poacher, cinema & pizza, salsa lessons, Barn Dance, quiz night at Beechwood Pub and games events, Manchester Ship Canal cruise. I will keep you posted.

Halton Carers Centre are holding a dance this Thursday 12th June at Stobart Stadium, cost for carers and their cared for £5, guests £10, if you would like tickets please contact Halton Carers Centre direct on 01928 580182


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