December Newsletter

Hi – I have missed out a November newsletter as we had a committee meeting on Monday 8th December and I wanted to let you all know what has been planned for 2015

Our Christmas events, were a big success, we started with the Christmas extravaganza were £146 was made towards our funds, followed by the Santa river cruise and meal at The Riverside, which was enjoyed by all those that attended and to finish off we had our Christmas party, many thanks to Adam for being our DJ and making it a brilliant evening.  We held a raffle on the evening and made £70 towards our funds.

Norman took photographs at our Santa cruise, I will bring the disc and laptop to the next meeting on 26th January, were you can place orders for any photographs you want, cost will be £1 each.

Social Events for 2015 are as follows

Monday 19th Jan – Visit to Halton British Legions museum followed by hot pot lunch in Legion lounge – Meet at British Legion, Halton Village at 11.30am.  Please text, e-mail or phone me to let me know you want to attend asap, as I have to let Legion know numbers for hot pot

Monday 9th February – Bowling followed by lunch at Brewers Fayre, Widnes, meet at Bowling 10.45am

Friday 6th March 2015 – We will be holding our 5th birthday party/fund raising evening on Friday 6th March at The Beechwood Community Centre, Runcorn. Tickets will be on sale at the January meeting.  Tickets wilI be £3 each, there will be a licenced bar, but please bring your own food.  I will be looking for donations of raffle prizes for the evening.

Saturday 14th March 2015 Mayors charity Irish Night at the Select Stadium, Widnes. One of the mayors charities for this year is the Halton Carers Centre.  The carers centre are inviting support groups as their guests to go along to mayors events,  if you would like to attend please let me know. There is no cost for this event, but please let me know if you would like to attend

Bond Hotel Friday 24th April £99 plus transport for weekend which includes Friday evening meal, Sat breakfast, Sat evening meal, Sunday breakfast, Sunday evening meal, Monday breakfast plus all your entertainment of an evening which is 80s theme for the weekend, including optional fancy dress.  If you would like to come along for this weekend please let me know asap as I am allocating rooms at the moment.  There is no deposit to be paid, but the £99 is to be paid by Januarys meeting.  IF YOU HAVE PUT YOUR NAME DOWN FOR THE BOND HOTEL, WOULD YOU KINDLY CONFIRM IT WITH ME, TO ENSURE YOUR NAME IS DOWN, PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASKING ME TO PUT THEIR NAMES DOWN WHILST OUT AND ABOUT AND I AM WORRIED I MAY HAVE MISSED SOME NAMES OFF THE LIST

Monday 11th May – Visit to High Leigh Garden Centre followed by lunch at Barn Owl – we will have mini  buses for this event, more details at a later date

Saturday 25thth July – Full day out in Southport – more details at a later date

Monday 21st  September – Lunch at Ring O Bells, Farnworth , Widnes

We are also looking at visiting a Christmas market, theatre trips and a Scottish dancing evening.  At the moment I do not know costs for these social events, it depends on whether we receive further lottery funding, which I can apply for from March onwards.  But if you are interested in attending any of the above please let me know to enable me to book venues and book transport.

Webb Ivory – In total we made £181.14 from the sales on the webb ivory catalogues, many thanks for those that placed orders and helped to raise this amount.  I do have a 2 piece linen Bag set that was ordered without a name on the order form, please let me know who ordered this item and I will get to you.

Halton Hospital Parking – Halton hospital has a new car parking charges and number plate recognition, when paying at the machines you need to input your registration number into the machine. You can pay for your parking at anytime during your visit or on your departure but you must pay for the time you have been parked for. The first 30 minutes are free


Looking through the newsletters for 2014 to round up the year, I had not realised we had done so much, we have had 3 theatre trips, Oliver and Annie get your Gun at the Brindley and The Lion King at the Liverpool Empire.  We have had lunches out, visits to Garden Centres, weekend at the Bond Hotel.  We visited Trentham Monkey Forest, Coronation Street and rounded off with our Christmas events

Guest speakers have included Hugh Jones, Solicitor talking to us about Wills & Trust funds, Bertha telling us about the NHS Carer in the Chemist, Andrea on Direct Payments and many more.  If you would like details of any of the speakers I have details with me at the monthly meetings or information on line

I would like to remind you all what is available for carers at the Halton Carers Centre, these include the following

  • Information & Support
  • Therapies (free pedicures, manicures, facials & massages
  • Podiatry
  • Day trips
  • Counselling
  • Carer Break funding (up to £250) not means tested
  • Training (first aid/caring with confidence courses)
  • Coffee groups
  • Halton Leisure Card
  • And much more

NB – I am able to forward referrals for HALDS members for Carer Break funding to the Carers Centre, if you would like me to do your referral please let me know

Carers Assessment with Halton Borough Council – If you have not had your carers assessment for over 12 months, please contact Halton Social Services on 0151 511 7676 you should be having these on an annual basis, they will help with direct payments etc

Have you told your doctor you are a carer? If not, please do so, as it helps getting appointments etc, they will also cross reference you with your cared for, If at the same practice.  If you ever have any problems getting appointments at your doctors, please contact Lisa Horrocks the GP Link Worker at Halton Carers Centre 01928 580182.

Hospital visit – If you have to take your cared for, for a hospital appointment or they are being admitted as a day case or even as an emergency, please inform Lucia Urquhart at Halton Carers Centre 01928 580182.  Lucia will inform PALS of your pending appointment and this will help when being admitted.  We have recently had a member whose cared for went in as a day case, Lucia had informed PALS beforehand, when they arrived at 8am, they were told they were expected, and were took straight to the bed and booked in. The whole day went smoothly with no hick ups.  The doctor had even suggested if they wanted, they could have had a tour of the theatre etc. to make things easier for them all.

Just a reminder we have a website where all our information is stored including back issues of newsletters, speaker handouts from meetings etc.

Speakers for January and Februarys meetings have not yet been confirmed, they will be Angelita Woosnan talking about pain relief or Healthy eating, it will be a surprise when you turn up at the January meeting!!!!!

I would like to wish you all the very best for 2015 and many thanks for all your support