March Newsletter

Newsletter –March 2015

Our guest speaker for March meeting was  Yvonne Smallman from Halton Speak Out, who came to tell us about ‘Safe in Town’  any vulnerable adult can register with Safe in Town, you are given a card with your registration number and emergency contact telephone number.  There are a number of shops in Widnes, Halton Lea and the Runcorn Old Town who are registered with Safe in Town, if when you or your cared  for are out and about and feel they need assistance, you can go into any of the shops displaying the safe in town logo and they will contact your emergency contact number for you.  If you would like to register either yourself, your cared for or even a family member or neighbour, please contact Yvonne Smallman on 01928 576566.  Yvonne has sent me a list of shops who are registered with the scheme, which I have forwarded to HALDS  members who are registered to receive e-mails from me.   I will also have copies to give out at the next HALDS meeting in April

Funding – I have put in our bid to Halton Borough Council for funding for our monthly meetings. I have now received the closure from Awards for All for our last funding received from them, so have now put in a further bid for funding for £10k which is for £5k towards a Turkey & Tinsel weekend in December and £5k for our monthly social events.  We made £310 at our 5th birthday party/fund raising evening on Friday 6th March at The Beechwood Community Centre, Runcorn which will go towards our funds.  A good night was had by all who attended and would like to say Adam our DJ is brilliant and well recommended.

I would like to say a big thank you to the members who contributed towards my thank you card and collection which was given to my at the party, it was much appreciated ,but don’t forget without yourselves as members there would be no HALDS.  Thank you to you all for all your support.

Monday 13th April 1 – 4pm Grangeway Get Together – I have booked for us to join Sure Start to Later Life at their Grangeway Get Together, Entrance Fee is £3 food and drinks will be served to your table.  If you would like to come along to this event, please let me know asap, the £3  can be paid on the day,   (If you need to leave before 4pm that is okay, you are free to leave whenever you wish)

Bond Hotel Friday 24th April – Pick ups will be Frodsham Community Centre at  12.30, Runcorn Old Town Bus Station at 12.45 and Widnes Stobart Stadium at 12.55.

There will be an optional fancy dress on the Sunday evening with 80s theme.

We will be leaving to come home on the Monday at 10.30amish.

April – Mon 20th – in place of the April meeting we will be holding our AGM at 1.30pm.  Where all the posts and committee are up for re-election.  If you would like to be considered for any of the posts please let me know your interest.  We will be having lunch as normal at 12.30 and general chit chat.

High Leigh Garden Centre followed by lunch at Barn Owl – Monday 11th May – Due to shortage of funds, HALDS will be paying for the coach (30 seater)  to this event only, The coach will be leaving Runcorn Old Town Bus Station at 10am then onto High Leigh Garden Centre till 11.45 then onto the Barn Owl for Lunch, Members will have to pay for their own meal and drinks, I have menus to give out 2 courses is £7.50 and 3 course meal is £10.50.  If you would still like to attend please let me have your meal money and choice of menu before end April.

Full day out in Southport  – Saturday 25thth July –– We will be leaving Runcorn Old Town Bus station at 9.30am, and Widnes Stobbart Stadium at 9.40am.  We will be leaving Southport to come home at 5pm and calling at a pub for an evening meal on the way home, if anyone knows of any pubs that would accommodate us all, please let me know.  Cost will depend on whether we get funding from Awards for All.

Our House, Brindley Theatre, Thursday 21st May  – Victoria Music are putting on the smash hit musical Our House at the Brindley Theatre, they are letting us have concessionary tickets at £10 each, if you would like to attend please let me know by 10th April, money to be paid by next meeting on 20th April.

Victoria Music are a charity who have been working across the borough for a number of years, providing regular performance arts training and workshops for disadvantaged and disabled children and adults, including vocal coaching, stage movement, choreography and encompassing all stage craft (stage hand, stage management) arts and crafts including making costumes for performances.  Rob Littler has offered HALDS vocal performance coaching, probably around the summer months, at St Michaels, Greenway Road, Runcorn of an evening, it will involve a couple of session and the possibility of a recording of us singing.  This would be a fun event for both yourself and your cared for.  Please let me know if you would be interested in attending.

The new Urgent Care unit has now opened at Halton Hospital in place of minor injuries, you can now attend with any illness or injury, like a drop in centre, when attending the new unit, you do not have to pay for parking.  Its in the place where the minor injuries used to be.  I have attended and its very nice and I didn’t have to wait long either, its not yet fully opened,  they are still in the process of building an x-ray  within the unit.  I will let you have further information as I receive it.

As a reminder please let your energy supplier know you have a vulnerable person in your household, this is in case of any emergencies you will take priority.

New Carers Bill as from 1st April 2015 

The Carers Bill has now come into effect as from 1st April, I have information sheets about this new bill, but in affect it means as a carer you will be assessed on how caring affects you and how you could access help. 

The Care Act introduces national rules for deciding how is eligible for care and support, but it will still be for local councils to make the decision about whether or not your needs meet the rules and so whether you have what the law calls eligible needs.  

You will meet the eligibility criteria if there is likely to be significant impact on your own wellbeing as a result of you caring for another person. There are 3 questions the council will have to consider in making their decision: 

  • Are your needs the result of you providing necessary care?
  • Does your caring role have an affect on you?
  • Is there, or is there likely to be , a significant impact on your welling?


If the decision is that your needs are eligible they must consider how those needs could be met, if there is a charge for any of the services they intent to provide they then must carry out a financial assessment. If your income and savings are above a threshold then you will not be eligible for care and support.  You can ask the council to meet your needs , but you would have to pay 

If you income and savings are not above the threshold, the local authority will have to discuss with you which of eligible needs you want it to meet and then agree a care and support plan with you.  You can request direct payments for yourself as a carer to meet these requirements.

The above is a just a basic outline of the carers act, you need to read the full factsheet to get all the facts.  Please do not ignore this act, its been put in place for you as a carer,  I will find out if the telephone number we have already for assessments is going to be the same for the new assessment and will advise    








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