January Newsletter

Newsletter – Jan 2016

Our first speaker for 2016 was Jon Prior from Cheshire Fire & Rescue Team who came along and gave us a very interesting talk about Safety in the Home. Cheshire fire brigade will come out to your house and do Home Safety Visits, Tel number to call is 0151 495 3510.  We covered a lot of information some of which was as follows:

Smoke Alarms, you should have one on each floor of your home, the smoke alarms provided by Fire Service have a sealed battery which lasts for 10 years, they also provide vibrating alarms for people who are hard of hearing, these vibrate and also light up. Some smoke alarms are now installed directly into your electricity.

Carbon Dioxide alarms, we were informed the best place to purchase one of these is Age Concern

We were informed to beware of plug in air fresheners, tea lights, do not leave e-cigarettes plugged in and only use the charger that came with it, some people use their phone or laptop chargers and these have a higher output which overcharges the e-cigarette and can cause it to ignite. Don’t leave mobile phones on charge overnight and do not put under your pillow. Likewise do not leave laptops etc on your bed as air cannot escape and it makes them overheat.

Chip pan fires, the policy now is not to throw a wet towel or tea towel over the chip pan, due to the rapid response of fire appliances, the policy is now to get everyone out of the house and dial 999.

Extractor hoods – change filters regularly

Mobility Scooters – do not leave on charge overnight and make sure they are not blocking your escape routes.

Take your mobile phone up to bed with you, as if there is a fire, your land line could be cut off, therefore you would not be able to use your upstairs telephone.

Wheelie bins, when emptied take back into your back garden as there have been instances where these have been set on fire and they could be under an open bedroom window.

Do not leave mirrors on a window ledge, as sun coming through the glass magnifies through the mirror and can cause a fire and lastly close all doors in the house before going to bed, switch off electric appliances, i.e. tv, kettle etc.

Funding – Brenda brought along some bits and bobs to sell at the meeting and took £25 towards our funds, plus the £25 raffle money collected was £50 in total towards our funding from the January meeting. We also made £101.24p from the Webb Ivory Christmas catalogue, so many thanks to the members who purchased goods from the Christmas Catalogue.   Sponsored swim – Janet Eddleston who is a friend of Peter McPartlands daughter is kindly doing a sponsored swim for HALDS, she is hoping to swim 1 mile in 30 minutes. I have sponsor forms if you would like to get one and ask friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor her, all funds raised is going into HALDS funds.  If you do not want to take a form, I have a general form for you to sponsor Janet.  We also had a donation from Doreen Orme of £200 towards our funds.

The Elgin Hotel, Blackpool on Friday 29th January – Theme for Saturday evening will be Grease.  Coach will be leaving Runcorn Old Town bus station at 1pm and Widnes Stobart Stadium at 1.10pm. Coming home the coach will be leaving The Elgin at 3.30pm.  The cost of the coach is £12 per person.

Mary Poppins – Manchester Palace Theatre – Wed 24th Feb 2016 at 7.30pm, coach will be leaving Runcorn Old Town Bus station at 5.45 and Widnes Stobart Stadium at 5.55pm.

HALDS Birthday Party – Friday 26th February at the Beechwood Centre, Runcorn. This will be to celebrate HALDS 6th Birthday and also be a funding raising event.   Tickets are now on sale £3 each.  Please try and support this dance by selling tickets to friends and family, as without these events HALDS will run out of funding.  I am also looking for raffle prizes for the event.  Ask about at your local restaurants/pubs/hairdressers etc for vouchers for raffle prizes. We do not have another meeting before the dance, and at present only 50 tickets have been sold. Please support HALDS by purchasing tickets for yourself and your family 

Sing-a-Long GREASE – March 26th (Easter Saturday) Brindley Theatre 7.30 – Sing-a-Long GREASE is a screening of the 1977 film with lyrics on screen it is not a LIVE show. It is a fun-packed interactive celebration of the classic 1977 film starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. The show has all the elements of a sing-a-long-a spectacular audiences all over the world have come to love. The evening kicks off with a vocal warm–up led by our special Singalonga host who also takes you through the complimentary magic moments fun pack, containing various props to be used at strategic points throughout the performance. Then of course there is the famous Sing-a-long-a fancy dress competition in which everyone who has dressed up gets a chance to come up on stage and show off their fabulous costumes.  The show lasts for approx 2hrs 10-15 mins in total, including a 20-25 min pre-show.  If you would like tickets for this show, please let me know by Friday 5th, cost is £5 for HALDS members, £15 non HALDS.

Mamma Mia – Manchester Palace Theatre – Tues 17th May 2016 at 7.30pm coach will be leaving Runcorn Old Town Bus station at 5.45 and Widnes Stobart Stadium at 5.55pm,

The Esplanade Hotel April 15th 2016 –   Full cost  for the weekend should have been £175 per person for 3 nights plus transport and £140 for 2 nights which includes dinner, bed & breakfast and evening entertainment. We have £5k towards this weekend away from the BIG lottery, as there is 60 people approx going to the weekend away, costs will be £30 per night, so if you are going for 2 nights, cost will be £60 per person and £90 for 3 nights, plus coach costs which will be £15 per person. Non HALDS members price will be £175 or £140.  Don’t forget to deduct your £50 deposits when paying balances which is required by end February.  If paying by cheque please make payable to Safehands Holidays, for coach travel  cheque made payable to HALDS or cash

Belle Vue Dog Racing – We are looking at going to the Dog racing at Belle Vue in May 2016, it will be a Friday evening, more details to follow, please let me know if you are interested in attending.

Narrowboat day trip – I am looking into a day trip on a narrowboat in June , further details at a later day

Our next meeting is on Monday 29th February and not 23rd as previously advertised, first I had the wrong date and secondly I hadn’t realised it was a leap year, speaker for this meeting will be Andrea from Halton Borough Council Direct Payment team and also Michelle from Connect.    

Monday 21st March our guest speaker will be Sue Molyneux and Pam Batey from Halton Disability Partnership who will come along to talk to us about benefits etc and employing Personal Assistants

Monday 25th April will be our AGM at 1.30, but beforehand we are having a clothes sale, were members bring along clothes, shoes, handbags etc which are no longer used and we could sell them and profits go to HALDS funds.

Monday 23rd May, we will be having Rose Bellair from Halton Carers Centre talking about Carer Break Funding

Kylie evening – Connect are holding a Kylie evening on 11th February at 6.30 at the Quayside in Runcorn, cost is £10 a ticket, please let me know if you would like a ticket.  All welcome

Ella Performance – The ELLA performance group are performing Peter Pan at the Brindley Theatre, Runcorn on Saturday 20/2/16 at 7pm and Sunday 21/2/16 at 2pm & 7pm. Tickets from the Brindley Theatre, Runcorn



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