October Newsletter

Hi all

We are all facing difficult times at present, we were hoping to be able to get to our monthly meetings and a meal out, but sadly more restrictions were put in place which stopped us meeting up.  Once I know we are safe to meet, I will arrange a monthly meeting and a meal out to enable us all to get together.  On a good note, the money is untouched in the bank, so once we are able to start moving about, the social events will start up immediately and then hopefully, present times will seem like a dream or nightmare in the past.

Our walking group at present is still taking place, (but this may change on Mondays announcements)  so if you fancy meeting up (covid distances) and talking a casual walk, please let me know, we meet every Wednesday at 11am at different venues.

Dunham Massey Christmas event is still going ahead, as its restricted numbers and also takes place outdoors, this is now all booked and paid for.  Our tour is 7pm, so we will probably arrange to meet outside at 6.50pm.  If you could please let me have your £5s asap, (you can put them in an envelope and post through my door, please do not knock in case I am not in and saves disturbing my mum, thank you )

Obviously we do not know whether The Marlborough Hotel in Llandudno will go ahead in December, but I will keep you posted nearer the time.

I also have money here for members for trips cancelled this year, if you would like to come and collect from mine, please let me know and I can arrange pick up.

Its that time of year again for winter ailments, so don’t forget about Care in the Chemist which gives you advice and treatment for a range of minor conditions.  This is for people who receive free prescriptions only.

A member has asked me to ask if anyone knows an experienced PA who would like

a job with an elderly lady, If you know anyone interested I will forward their name on. 



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