Please let me introduce you to HALDS. We are a support group for carers of Adults with learning disabilities, who meet on a monthly basis on the last Monday of the month at The Acorn Mencap Centre, Laburnum Grove, Runcorn, at 12.00.

There are various sides to HALDS, the serious side where we have guest speakers at the meetings, which are all to do with your caring role, we have solicitors, adult placement, personalisation, direct payments, benefits advice and many more speakers on a variety of subjects. We have the support side, where carers come along to the meetings and between 12.00 – 1pm we have lunch and a chat, which always helps with your caring role, as a carer may mention a certain problem they are having and another carer will say they have the same problem, this ensures the carer they are not unique in the problems they are having (please note, it’s not a therapy session where people sit and talk about problems) also I am always at the end of the phone line, I do not give advice, I am a listening ear and will sign post if you have a certain problem, then there is the fun side, where we go out just carers for lunch etc. and also social events, where we take our cared for with us and all have a good time.

If you are unable to make the meetings, you are still able to join and receive our monthly newsletters and come along to social events.

Please do not feel you cannot come along on your own, we are a friendly bunch and all emphasise with your caring role and once at the meeting or social event you will probably realise you know other carers as well from schools etc.

If you would like more information please contact me either by phone 07530383690 or e-mail via p.halds6213@virginmedia.com.

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