Lasting Power of Attorneys – Halton Disability Partnership will complete and apply for a Lasting Power of Attorney on your behalf for a donation of £150, you then pay the legal costs of £82 each application to the courts direct – Tel 01928 248937

BLue Badge – Applications are now on-line but Halton Disability Partnership will apply on line for you

(CEA Card)  Cinema Form – Cost £6 – This enables an accompanying carer free entry into the cinema – I have forms at the meetings

Bladder & Bowel Community – Just can’t wait card £5 enables you to discreetly communicate your need for the toilet – I have forms at the meetings

Discounts for Carers – Register on line for discounts for carers, holidays, restaurants etc.

Care in the Chemist – is a minor condition scheme which means eligible patients can receive advice and treatment for a range of conditions direct  form their pharmacist rather than going to their GP

GP Extra – Need a routine appointment after 6.30pm midweek or at the weekend, based both in RUncorn and Widnes , pre-bookable and same day appointments available for you, book via your own doctors or for weekends and bank holidays Tel: 01928 593078

Council Tax reduction – Anyone caring for someone with a disability who is not a spouse, partner or child under 18 can benefit from single persons discount

Challenging benefit claim decisions – I have information on how to ask for a mandatory reconsideration

DID Disabled ID – £16 for 1 year, £19 for 2 years,  I have the relevant form for the DID card

Helping customers with Hidden Disabilities – A number of supermarkets and airports now offer help for customers with hidden disabilities, at present these include Sainsburys, Tesco and Manchester Airport

JAM Card – What is a JAM card, it allows people with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier to tell others they need ‘Just a minute’ discreetly and easily. JAM card is now available for free as a plastic card or an app for your phone or both. For more inforamtion visit ‘JAM FOR ME’ page