Lasting Power of Attorneys – Halton Disability Partnership will complete and apply for a Lasting Power of Attorney on your behalf for a donation of £150, you then pay the legal costs of £82 each application to the courts direct – Tel 01928 248937

BLue Badge – Applications are now on-line but Halton Disability Partnership will apply on line for you

(CEA Card)  Cinema Form – Cost £6 – This enables an accompanying carer free entry into the cinema – I have forms at the meetings

Bladder & Bowel Community – Just can’t wait card £5 enables you to discreetly communicate your need for the toilet – I have forms at the meetings

Discounts for Carers – Register on line for discounts for carers, holidays, restaurants etc.

Carer in the Chemist – is a minor condition scheme which means eligible patients can receive advice and treatment for a range of conditions direct  form their pharmacist rather than going to their GP

GP Extra – Need a routine appointment after 6.30pm midweek or at the weekend, based both in RUncorn and Widnes , pre-bookable and same day appointments available for you, book via your own doctors or for weekends and bank holidays Tel: 01928 593078

Brindley Theatre Concessions – This is a trial at the Brindley Theatre, Runcorn till 31st July 2020, You need your unique Halton registered carer number from Halton Carers Centre and have to purchase your seats and your cared for at the same time.  This does not cover private bookings at the Brindley

Council Tax reduction – Anyone caring for someone with a disability who is not a spouse, partner or child under 18 can benefit from single persons discount

Challenging benefit claim decisions – I have information on how to ask for a mandatory reconsideration

DID Disabled ID – £16 for 1 year, £19 for 2 years,  I have the relevant form for the DID card

Helping customers with Hidden Disabilities – A number of supermarkets and airports now offer help for customers with hidden disabilities, at present these include Sainsburys, Tesco and Manchester Airport

JAM Card – What is a JAM card, it allows people with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier to tell others they need ‘Just a minute’ discreetly and easily. JAM card is now available for free as a plastic card or an app for your phone or both. For more inforamtion visit ‘JAM FOR ME’ page